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Snifter mA+

Snifter mA+ brings whole new features to the Snifter series! With isolated 4...20 mA output this device is compatible with virtually all automation systems. Snifter mA+ can be used for monitoring filtration performance – on-line – continuously. Full compatibility with Sintrol Network and DustTool software with USB and RS485 communication ensures easy custom parameterization and allows for remote triggering of auto setup function.

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Snifter A2

Snifter A2 is an advanced filter leak detector. This dust monitor can be used to monitor the operation of a baghouse and alarm the operator when dust levels increase. Snifter A2 supports Sintrol Network connectivity over USB and RS485 interfaces by default. All parameters and settings are user selectable to best suit custom application needs. This device is fully compatible with Sintrol DustTool software.

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S301 Dust Monitor

With two independent alarm relays, Sintrol's S301 allows the end user to identify bag leaks and deterioration of filters. Using our electric induction measurement principle, the dust monitor can be easily set up within 30 minutes of installation and gives plant operators quick notification of breaches in the filtration system. Sintrol dust monitor allows end users to manually adjust alert and alarm level signals to tailor to their end needs. Different probe lengths and coatings give flexibility to meet a variety of applications.

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S303 Dust Monitor

Continuous trend monitor that gives plant operators to see the performance of the filtration systems and ducts over a period of time. Perfect for installation after any filtration system or in common line channels leading into the emissions points of a plant. State of the art Inductive Electrification principle minimizes the need for maintenance on the dust monitor and provides an accurate trend for end users. 4-20mA output combined with an easy to use auto-setup feature that takes less than 30 minutes from installation makes the device both convenient and reliable.

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S304 Dust Monitor

For applications requiring absolute value measurements of dust concentrations, the S304 can be calibrated to give the user a mg/m3 output. Once calibrated, this dust monitor helps plant operators know exactly how much dust is passing through the stack or outlet duct of their plant. The S304 is additionally equipped with a 4-20mA signal and two independent alarm relays that can be used to further optimized process conditions in the plant.

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S305 Dust Monitor

The S305 dust monitor is used for official emissions applications. The state of the art dust monitor has been used in stack emissions for a number of state owned and private industrial applications around the world. Utilizing our unique Inductive Electrification principle, the S305 brings the reliability the government requires and combines it with the convenience plant operators expect from a particulate measurement device. With minimal maintenance required, this is an optimal solution for plant operators needing to measure stack dust emissions for government control.

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Dumo brings Sintrol's unique Inductive Electrification Technology made famous by the Snifter and S300 series to ambient dust monitoring. With the 4...20 mA isolated output, two user adjustable independent alarm relays and full compatibility with Sintrol Network and DustTool with USB and RS485 communication ensures ease of use and easy connectivity. Dumo has been updated to utilize Sintrol's newest and most sensitive measurement technology. New mechanical design makes the device even more robust and tolerant to difficult industrial environments.

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DustLog 8

The DustLog 8 PC software can be connected via a network router to the dust monitors. RS485, Modbus and RF are supported. It gives plant operators full control over the network of dust monitors with efficient parameterizing, reporting and networking functions on an easy to use interface. By unifying all of Sintrol's latest technology into one management tool, DustLog 8 brings not only greater convenience and usability, but also improves plant efficiency, network management and worker safety for the end user. This software is only compatible with Dumo and the Snifter series